Bullhorn Lip Lift Results - How Long Until You See Them?

I had a bullhorn lip lift and minor touch-up rhinoplasty done about 6 weeks ago. I didn't see if there was any difference after surgery before the swelling started.

6 weeks post-op I'm not seeing any toothshow or noticeable difference in my upper lip. Is it still too early to tell? will the lip raise as swelling goes down? The nostrils are fine there's no pulling or distortion and everything healed perfectly.

But I don't see any results and I'm so discouraged. (I'm 24, this was to shorten a long lip and try to achieve tooth show)

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Lip shortening

Lip shortening procedure require time to heal and have a tendency to swell for long time. You need to wait another 6 weeks to see the results.

There is a possibility not enough was taken to give you the incisors teeth show you want.

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Bullhorn Lip Lift and nose job

The reasons for lack of lip show can be multiple. This can be due to swelling, decreased muscle function (temporary) and stiffness. I would recommend that you give it at least 6 weeks and preferably 3 months to assess the results of surgery. In the worst case scenario, it is always possible to take more if that is your desire. On the other hand, if too much were removed, it would be nearly impossible to replace it.

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Time to see results with lip lift

In my experience results are seen immediately. As a matter of fact, it looks overdone for the first month or so.

Check out the video below for some explanation on how much tissue to remove, what the guidelines are, etc.

You should do fine with an additional excision of skin, and I'm sure your surgeon will be more than happy to try to help you.

Ricardo L. Rodriguez, MD
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