Lip Lift to Shorten Distance Between Top Lip and Nose?

Would I be a good canditate for a Lip Lift? I would like to shorten the distance between my top lip and nose and change the shape of my top lip so it looks less 'flat'.

Would a Lip Lift do this? I am 24 and have already had a lip implant.

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Lip lift


A lip lfit will shorten the distance from your top lip to your nose. The tradeoff is a potentially visible scar. You may want to discuss this option with a plastic surgeon.

Your dentition is an important factor which must be taken into consderation when performing this surgery.

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Lip Lift results to more teeth, less distance between nose and top lip


Yes, a lip lift could likely help you. Do you know what the distance is between the base of your nose and the top of your lip? From your photo it appears that your teeth do not show when your mouth is at rest. Additional augmentation may not be a good alternative.

You may be a candidate for the lip lift--You can always have a virtual consultation with me to discuss your particular situation.

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