Recovery Time for Bullhorn Lip Lift?

What is the recovery time for bull horn Lip Lift? How soon after can I look socially representable and go in public with out looking swollen?

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Bull Horn Lip lift


The recovery on a bull horn lip lift can vary tremendously. Sutures are generally removed within a week and significant swelling tends to resolve by 10 days. At this point in time make-up can be applied which can conceal the scar.

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Recovery time for bullhorn lip lift

I use absorbable sutures and fibrin glue at the scar line, because so many of my patients are from out of town, I hardly ever get to see them at a week postop to remove sutures.

The key is for the deep sutures to shoulder all the tension. That way there is no distortion of the nostrils or columella and there is minimal need for surface sutures.

Although scars are hard to see even at a week out, and swelling is quickly gone, the lip looks a little overdone until the third or fourth week.

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