What Can I Do To Correct Big, Bulging Eyes?

I am having mild left eye axial proptosis for 8yrs, now I am 24. Doctors said that it was due to facial asymmetry. but craniofacial surgeon said that only mild asymmetric zygomatic bone and its not related to proptosis. Sinusitus, bony orbit and everything looks normal. My eyes started to bulge when i had pimples while at 14 yrs age and it prolonged for about 1year. I am dying because of this. Can any treatment available to makes my eyes symmetric. plz suggest me the treatment at chennai,India

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You really do not look like you have thyroid eye disease.

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I suspect that getting tested for antibodies will be fruitless here.  Obviously, follow the recommendation of your doctors.  It sounds like this has been a very long term problem for which you have be relatively well worked up for.  You look like you have maxillary hypoplasia.  I would be very careful about having craniofacial surgery for this.  Orbital rim fillers are now very popular for this.

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Bulging eyes

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The most common cause of bulging eyes is thyroid eye disease. I assume that you have had thyroid function tests and thyroid autoantibody tests (a small percentage of patient's with the disease will have normal thyroid function tests and elevated antibodies). In addition to the bulging in the left eye, there appears to be some eyelid crease asymmetry, which may be compounding your concern with asymmetry.  This is more evident in your second photo. I would suggest a comprehensive evaluation with an oculoplastic specialist.

Gary Lelli, Jr., MD
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