How Can I Correct a Bad Ptosis Repair?

Hi, I am an Asian, age 32. My ptosis repair is really bad, I became worst from my last procedure. Any comments, what might have gone wrong and do i need fat grafting to correct my condition? Thank you.

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It is obvious from the photo posted that your eyelids are quite asymmetrical. The eyelid position is too low [ptosis], the eyelid crease is too high. However a dynamic examination is need to assess eyelid movement as well. Is this a congenital problem with poor muscle function? What type of surgeries have been attempted in the past? There are a lot of questions that need to be answered before a good recommendation can be made.

If you have had repeat procedures, it is likely that you have significant scarring and any further surgery too soon would be a bad idea. I recommend waiting at least 1 year from your last surgery before anything further is considered.

And then a consultation by an ASOPRS trained Oculoplastics surgeon would be ideal. You can find one close to you by going to

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Revision ptosis surgery

Hello. Ptosis surgery is difficult and revision ptosis surgery is even more challenging. The best approach may depend on what has already been tried.  My suggestion would be to collect your operative reports and get an evaluation with someone who performs a lot of ptosis and eyelid surgery.

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