Will BSSO (Bilateral Sagittal Split Osteotomy) Give Enough Chin Projection and Good Profile? Or is Genioplasty Needed As Well?

I planning to get my chin augmented without any implants. I want my chin to be more projected and a balanced part of my face. Should I choose only BSSO since I have a deep bite. Or should I go for Genioplasty as well. Wiill going for BSSO + Genioplasty give me a strong chin. Is my chin too weak, its very hard for me to tell since I am not an expert.

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Mandibular Advancement with or without Genioplasty

The answer to your question can be determined before surgery through cephalometric analysis and soft tissue tracing which is a standard radiographic analysis technique for any type of orthognathic surgery. This visual assessment method considers facial changes from bony jaw movements down to the millimeter level.  

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Genio and BSSO


Without having the full picture of what your clinical presentation is, it is very hard to give you an answer. I state that you have "deep bite."  This may preclude you from having a BSSO. Typically patient that are undergoing orthognathic surgery, either one jaw or two jaw surgery, have an orthodontic evaluation. If the only deficiency is a small chin, my suggestion would be to do an implant, because its an easier process. If you are totally against a silicone implant, then a genioplasty is easily performed through a small intraoral incision.   Definitely need to consult with orthodontist and oral maxillofacial surgeon prior to making any decisions . 

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