How Do I Go About Fixing my Asymmetrical Chin? (photo)

My dentist told me that my left side of my jaw is longer than my right side and ever since that's all I can focus on. What is the best way to make my chin even?

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Asymmetrical chin

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Without a side view it is hard to say for sure. If what is bothering you is that the right side is more prominent than you want, the bone can be carved a bit through a small incision under your chin. I use a diamond drill. It is not a big procedure

Boston Facial Plastic Surgeon

Correction of Chin Asymmetry

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the first thing you have to decide is what side of the chin looks better to you, the longer or the shorter side. That will control what techniques you can do to fix it. If you are uncertain, computer imaging will help you answer that question. If you want the longer side shortened  that could be done by burring it done from an incision inside the mouth. If the longer side is preferred, then the shorter side could be built up permanently by either adding a small implant or opening up the bone length with a modified horizontal osteotomy. Injectable fillers may be used to add length to the short side for a temporary effect if you want to see how it might look if it is lengthened.

Non-surgical chin augmentation with Radiesse is great for asymmetric chins

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I really like treating chin asymmetries with filler injections. 

  • Because you're placing the filler with a needle, you can customize each treatment and place a little exactly where it's needed. 
  • Each individual injection will last about a year and with each injection you'll notice some residual build up. 

I've added a link to a case example at the end of this answer.

David C. Mabrie, MD
Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon
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