How Much Advancement Possible with Sliding Genioplasty?

Hello there good doctors. I have a very small frog like chin My query is how much advancement is possible both vertically and horizontally with an sliding genioplasty. I have heard the maximum of 5 mm in both vertical and horizontal advancement is possible, not more than that. Is it true? I am not interested in chin implants, I might need a jaw surgery anyways take care

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Sliding genioplasty advancement

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Bony changes and skin surface changes are not the same with sliding genioplasty.  It is possible to advance the the bone over 10 mms but the skin surface changes are typically 1:1 up to 8mms then about 1:0.6 beyond 8mms advancement.  Glad to help...RAS

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Bony Changes Possible With Genioplasty Surgery

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I am not sure where you got those maximum numbers for genioplasty movements of 5mm forward and this is not true. The amount of genioplasty movement possible is based on the thickness of the chin bone and the angle of the osteotomy cut. In small chins, large movements like 10 to 12 mms forward and 7mms vertical can typically be done. But each patient is different and has to be assessed individually. More or less bone movements may be possible in any individual patient.

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