Does Dermaroller help for self damage scars? (Photos)

I used to cut myself on my arms a lot, I hate the sight of it now and I was wondering if the Dermaroller would help cover them up? They're healed for 3-4 years now and I used bio-oil on them before but I'd like them to be gone more. Also if they're good for it, how much mm should I use ?

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1.5 mm roller under supervision, add silicon gel and prescription Vit. A after.

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Truth is, these scars are very very hard to treat or improve. That is why you do not see many before and afters. Laser and micro needling PRP work best, but still the end results are not great. Now, if you want a cost effective method, speak to a Specialist about using home rolling using say a 1-1.5 mm roller followed by timely application of silicone and Vitamin A creams. This may improve things by 20-40% after 4-6 sessions. All the best, Dr Davin Lim. Laser dermatologist. Brisbane. Australia. 

Scar management

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Hi , Thanks for sharing the pictures. Dermaroller will be a better treatment for these scars followed by silicon based creams to soften the scar a few days after the dermaroller. 

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