Right Eyelid Has Felt Heavy For 4 Years. Only 21 yo- Please Advise.

I'm a 21 year old female, as of about 4 years ago my right eyelid began to feel heavy and has continued to do so intermittently (usually at the end of the day or when I wake up in the morning- sometimes, it takes a minute to even be able to open my eye). My right eye also appears to be higher up than my left and pushed in, something that was not apparent in my childhood. Is this all related to ptosis? Or is it something else? Would insurance cover the repair, is repair even possible??

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You need to see an oculoplastic surgeon

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The greater prominence (proptosis?) of your right eye could be significant and is likely responsible for the changing eyelid position you are noticing. You should see an oculoplastic surgeon who specializes in the problems of eyelids and eye sockets, and they can beat guide you. 

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Uneven eyelids

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I would recommend a complete evaluation including history , examination and treatment options from an oculoplastic surgeon who specializes in eyelids.  Mild facial and eyelid asymmetry can be normal. Sometimes underlying medical conditions such as thyroid disease can cause position further explored before considering surgical or treatment options. Good luck.

Malena Amato, MD, FACS
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Right Eyelid Has Felt Heavy For 4 Years. Only 21 yo- Please Advise

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You really need a detailed Oculoplasic examination.  Go to ASOPRS.org to look for an Oculoplastic surgeon near you.

Sam Goldberger, MD
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Your eyebrow and eyes are uneven.

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I would suggest that you see an ophthalmologist  first. Your eyelid position is not typical for ptosis . Your right eyebrow is much higher and pulling your right upper eyelid higher. Facial asymmetry is very common.

You should see an oculoplastic surgeon

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You appear to have a problem called Graves Disease or Thyroid Eye Disease.  It is an autoimmune problem that is often (but not always) related to problems with your thyroid hormone levels.

Your first step should be to see an oculoplastic surgeon.  You will need an examination and either a CT scan or MRI to rule out other, less common, problems.  He/She will also suggest blood tests and possibly an evaluation by an endocrinologist.

Hope this is helpful.



Marc Cohen, MD
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