Is Sclerotherapy on bulging hand veins a permanent remedy? (photo)

Have thin very fair skin and have resulting visible hand & forearm veins. Does it get rid of bulging blue veins permanently?

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Hand veins

Sclerotherapy of the hand veins is a non reversible treatment to reverse the size and appearance of hand veins. Once the vein is sclerosed it will be shut down forever.  This is definitely something to consider for the long term. There are other ways to reduce to appearance of hand veins by using filler agents to comouflage the large bulging veins by "puffing" up the tissue around them.  

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Hidef microphlebectomy for the hands

I would prefer to perform a selective HIdef microphlebectomy to remove the unwanted veins in your hands. 


Dr. Karamanoukian

Los Angeles

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
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Is Sclerotherapy on bulging hand veins a permanent remedy?

Hi there. I would not use sclerotherapy to treat your hands for bulging veins. If you need access to these veins for an emergency producer later, this will not be a good thing for you.  Instead, what I would do is treat this area with Radiesse or Voluma. This could fill your hands nicely, making your skin look "thicker" and camouflaging the veins. Good luck, Dr. Downie

Jeanine B. Downie, MD
Montclair Dermatologic Surgeon
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Volumizing Fillers Work Well For Nonsurgical Hand Rejuvenation

Bulging hand veins can be treated by sclerotherapy with excellent results. However, I have strong reservations about this approach. Since sclerotherapy, as its name clearly states, essentially scleroses (i.e. permanently close them off by scarring the inner walls together) the veins of the hands, should the future need ever arise for intravenous therapies or for frequent blood specimen withdrawals, these veins would no longer be available for use. A far better approach, and one that I frequently employ in my office, is to mask the bulgy veins (and tendons) with an appropriate injectable volumizing filler that restores volume to the hands--i.e. reversing the age-related fat loss that contributes to the bulgy appearance of the veins, as well as the skeletonous appearance of the hands that often comes with the passage of time. The procedure takes about ten minutes per hand to perform and the results are immediate. My choice for this purpose in my Upper East Side Manhattan office is Voluma XC. Radiesse Plus can also be used. In my Israel satellite facility, where a far greater number of regulatory agency approved volumizers are commercially available, I typically opt for Emervel Volume. Best to consult with a board certified aesthetic physician with experience and expertise in nonsurgically rejuvenating the hands. And be certain to ask to see his/her before and after photos. Good luck to you.

Nelson Lee Novick, MD
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Sclerotherapy and Bulging Blue Veins

Sclerotherapy essentially destroys the vein. If appropriately done, that vein will not return.  The body's mechanism for responding to this kind of treatment is to grow more veins.  Therefore, the treating physician should continue to see the patient to follow up at least once per year.

Donna M. Mendes, MD, FACS
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Other solutions

hand veins including yours are not often truly vericose.  Sclero is likely to be a short term solution.   The real issue is loss of fat in the hands.  A more Durable option is fillers such as radiesse to restore the hand structure.

Jordan Knepper, MD
Ann Arbor Vascular Surgeon

Bulging Hand Vein Removal

Yes. It may take 1-3 sessions to treat your bulging hand veins but the results are permanent. Foam Sclerotherapy takes minutes to perform and is virtually painless. Endovenous laser in not necessary. Find an experienced practitioner.

Christopher Pittman, MD
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Hand veins.

I treat hand veins daily.  For the larger veins I use an endovenous laser and sclerotherapy for the smaller veins.There is no permanent cure for veins anywhere but the results of treating hand veins is cosmetically very good and the long term results are excellent. Over the years some minor  touch up may be necessary.

John Landi, MD
Naples General Surgeon
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