It's normal to feel scared and nervous before TT AND LIPO surgery?

I went to my general doctor and I had some analysis done few weeks ago and everything came out good, just a little anemia and he prescribe some Iron to take twice a day. I'm a healthy woman and have two children (4 &2) I had two C-section and my weight is around 148 pounds and 5'2''. My concern is because I want to have a TT back lipo. I just feel selfish because this is something I just want to do it and its my dream but I just thinking of my children.

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Tummy tuck and liposuction candidate.

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Thank you for your question. Yes it is completely normal to feel anxious and nervous before your surgery. Our job as surgeons is to try and to make you feel as comfortable as possible and make you feel safe. That´s why it is important   to choose your surgeon correctly and make sure that he/she has the training and experience to meet your goals with absolute safety.  Don’t settle for less than a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with specialized expertise in this procedure. Good Luck!

Pre-op nerves are normal

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Thank you for your question.  Please take comfort in knowing that pre-op nerves and anxiety is exceedingly common, especially as your scheduled surgery gets closer and closer.  While the concerns for patients are variable and can range from anesthesia to scarring to recovery to pain, etc... we as surgeons expect our patients to be anxious before surgery and it is our job to help you navigate through this.  Please consider speaking with your operating surgeon to address your specific concerns.  I wish you the best and I hope you find this helpful.

Apprehension Before Cosmetic Surgery

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Tiffany.     I would say that it would be abnormal NOT to feel some fear and apprehension before surgery. You are experiencing normal emotions prior to your procedure, indicating that you are a good candidate for the surgery because you are not taking it lightly! Best of luck!

Robert M. Tornambe, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy tuck and lipo

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It is normal to feel a bit of anxiety before surgery.  Good luck with your surgery moving forward.....

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Nervous about surgery.

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Thank you for your question. Of course it's normal to be nervous about surgery. Especially elective surgery. It may seem strange but I think a nervous patient is  actually a better patient. A nervous patient will listen to and follow instructions better and has a healthy dose of reality.

 We Take risks every day in our lives. Flying, driving, and other activities. The risks of surgery are low but remember that you should never feel pressured. 

From your height and your weight I believe that your goals are realistic.  wanting to feel normal again is more than reasonable. I don't think you should feel guilty about that. 

Best wishes and good luck with your upcoming surgery.

Adam Tattelbaum, MD
Washington DC Plastic Surgeon
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Preoperative anxiety

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It's completely normal to feel nervous in the days leading up to surgery, and you can always speak with your plastic surgeon beforehand to address any last minute concerns.  Before undergoing any surgical procedure, always make sure your plastic surgeon is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Best of luck,
Keith M. Blechman, MD
New York, NY

Multiple procedures, some advices:

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Thank you very much for sharing your concerns with us.

For safety reasons, to be a good candidate for the procedures you want at the same time, your labs and cardiovascular preoperative evaluation must be optimal. Therefore, you must be a healthy person, within an appropriate BMI and no history of diseases that increase the surgical / anesthetic risk degree. Finally, I recommend you a skilled certified plastic surgeon in body contouring surgery and experienced in cases like yours where the planned operating time is less than five hours.

Respectfully, Dr. Emmanuel Mallol Cotes.- 

Emmanuel Mallol Cotes, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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Hello and thank you for your question.   It is very  normal to be nervous before surgery.  If you are having this surgery done in a reputable facility by a board-certified plastic surgeon, then this is a very safe procedure.  One thing I always tell patients is that if you are nervous before surgery, call me and we can speak.  Talking to your surgeon can hopefully help you and may want to do that.

Best wishes and good luck.

Richard G. Reish, M.D.
Harvard-trained plastic surgeon

Richard G. Reish, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Pre op anxiety

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It is completely normal to be anxious prior to any kind of surgery. If you weren't anxious, then something would be wrong!  Anesthesia is very safe. It's understandable that, as a mother, you would worry. Express this to your plastic surgeon so your fears can be allayed. For some patients, that worry is about waking up, for others it is pain, and for yet others it is incapacitation.  By sharing this, your doctor can be part of the solution.

It's normal to feel scared and nervous before tummy tuck?

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It is absolutely normal to feel anxious before tummy tuck surgery.  Many of my patients shed tears right before surgery with concerns about "seeing my children again".  Interesting, very few  express concerns about about seeing their husbands again :)

Assuming you have chosen your plastic surgeon carefully, other important "variables" such as anesthesia provider and surgery facility will be selected based on everyone's first priority: safety. This careful selection should give you some peace of mind that you will be safe around the time of surgery. Discuss your specific areas of concerns with your plastic surgeon who will be in the best position to help you calm your nerves. Obtaining "medical clearance" from your family practitioner or internist may also help when it comes to alleviating anxiety.

I ask my patients to try to be as calm as possible prior to surgery; this “calmness" tends to translate to a smoother postoperative course. You may be able to alleviate some pre operative anxiety with music, exercise, meditation, a glass of wine (if ok with your surgeon),   and positive/objective focus on the long term outcome/benefits etc. prior to your procedure.

Generally, patients find that they did “get worked up for nothing” after their recovery is completed.

I hope this helps.

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