Broken Nose Causing Headaches?

I Have a Broken Nose and I Get Alot of Headache. Can It Be Cuz of my Broken Nose?

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Broken Nose and Headaches

Regardless of when you suffered the nasal fracture, see a physician. If the accident was recent, headaches can be secondary to the head trauma and should be evaluated immediately. If  you're talking about an old fracture, there is no urgency; however, nasal obstruction may compromise aeration of your sinuses, causing headaches.

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Nasal fractures may not be the cause of chronic headaches.

Consider consulting with your Internist or a reputable neurologist for evaluation of your headaches. Nasal fractures may lead to localized nasal pain. Hope this helps you. Dr Joseph

Eric M. Joseph, MD
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Your PS may refer you onto a specialist for evaluation.

It’s not unusual for patients to experience headaches following nasal fractures. These headaches may occur for a variety of reasons and should therefore be investigated when they occur.In some cases, the primary source of headaches may be the nasal fracture itself.In other cases, headaches may be related to damage to adjacent anatomic structures.
For these reasons persistent headaches following facial trauma should always be evaluated by a specialist. If headaches are associated with your nasal fracture, it’s important to discuss the problem with your plastic surgeon so an appropriate referral can be made.

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Headaches caused by broken nose

This is possible. I recommend you see your doctor for an assessment, as headaches may be caused by other things as well.

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Broken Nose Causing Migraines

Reoccurring headaches after trauma is often an indication that your body is responding in a negative way to your broken nose. In fact, headaches have been shown to be a symptom of a broken nose. For a clearer understanding of the root of your headaches and to evaluate whether or not further medical treatment (a possible rhinoplasty procedure) is necessary, consult a qualified plastic surgeon. 

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Broken nose and headaches,

A recent or an old nasal fracture can cause headaches.  The bottom line is, you need to be evaluated by a physician to determine if the broken nose is indeed the cause of your headaches or if there is another cause.

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Headaches after Broken Nose

You should really seek medical evaluation if you have continued headaches after a broken nose.  You may have a another injury which was not identified at the time of your broken nose or you may have a complication from your broken nose.  Either way, you should be seen by your doctor for evaluation.  Good luck.

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Headaches After Broken Nose

Hi Glen,

I am getting a headache just thinking about your question!  If your headaches persist, you should be examined by a physician to make sure that you are okay...Okay?  If your nasal septum was dislocated and is pressing against your nasal turbinates, that could result in persistent headaches.  I hope that you are well and that by the time you read this your headaches have gone away for good.  Be well.

Dr. P

Hope you didn't watch the Cowboy-Redskin game tonight, your headache would be worse!

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Nasal fracture and headaches

Obviously if this is recent trauma you certainly can have headaches. You should have this checked out.

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Yes, it can, but better make sure that's all it is!

Yes, you can have pain and headaches after a broken nose, however, you might also have a concussion if the fracture was recent. I urge you to see a physician and let them know the symptoms you are having.

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