I Just Broke my Nose About 3 Days Ago. What is the Time Table to Have It Reset?

With the break being so fresh they wouldn't have to re break the nose would they? Would my injury require a reset to the broken nose?

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I Just Broke my Nose About 3 Days Ago. What is the Time Table to Have It Reset?

A broken nose can typically be straightened in the first two weeks following the injury. If you wait beyond that timeframe the bones have usually healed enough that it is very difficult to straighten them and ensure that they heal in that position. In that case, I will typically have the patient wait about three months and then perform a rhinoplasty during which the nasal bones will need to be cut and reset. It is usually better to schedule a consultation ASAP following a nasal injury to ensure your injury can be fixed with a minimally invasive procedure. I hope this information is helpful.

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Broken nose

Good question- if you wait too long the broken pieces stick in their new position and are harder to move. The best is if it is done right away before it starts to swell. Once it is swollen you have to wait for the swelling to go down otherwise the doctor cannot see where to move the bones to. In most cases the time frame for bone manipulation is within 7 to 10 days of the date of injury.

The photos look like you got hit from the left (concave on the left convex on the right). You will need to get the bones shifted leftward. The may be a bone spicule on the bridge as well that needs to be filed down. No matter what is done you will not be able to go back to exactly what you had before the injury.

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