Can Tricare cover corrective Rhinoplasty surgery?

I received reconstructive sinus surgery 4 years ago. After surgery my nose was abnormally large and stretched. I figured it'd go away but it hasn't. It is super uncomfortable and my nose is ridiculously tender. I want to see a cosmetic surgeon about fixing it but my PCM (assigned military doctor) isn't cooperating or trying to understand. Could I get an opinion from a Cosmetic Surgeon and have them write a letter stating this is what I need, and give it to him? I'm so frustrated

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Tricare rhinoplasty

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I routinely perform functional rhinoplasties for Tricare beneficiaries. The majority of patients have difficulty breathing through the nose but your issues would at least warrant an evaluation. Ask your PCM to enter a referral to ENT and hopefully you will have more success. Good luck!

Washington DC Otolaryngologist

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Unfortunately, medical insurance does not cover cosmetic rhinoplasty, since there is no medical necessity...  Rhinoplasty is considered cosmetic surgery,so  it must be paid for by the patient.   A rhinoplasty procedure is not going to make the nose less tender and uncomfortable. A  closed rhinoplasty procedure can accomplish making the nose smaller and narrower with all  of the incisions placed on the inside of the nose.

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