Advice for Too Small Breast Implants?

I feel that my implants are way too small (I got 275cc filled to 300 under the muscle). I feel like my surgeon did not properly advise me on choosing a size. I wear the same bra size! Any suggestions?

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My implants are too small.

I think several surgeons have answered this question quite well.  If you have a good surgeon he will revise your implant size with no additional surgeons fee.  You may have an anesthesia and OR fee.  In our office we use a sizing procedure with bras filled with shaped silicone devices. It has really helped the patients determine the appropriate size for them.  New 3D technology is out that also allows some offices to recreate your postoperative result and determine the best implant size and shape for you.  Our office will likely have this in the next couple of weeks and take the guess work out of the implant sizing process.

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No perfect way to pick size

Sorry to hear about your disappointing results. I agree with the previous answers that it should be avoidable with good communication. There are a number of approaches to picking the implant size and none of them are perfect. Some surgeons insist on choosing the size for the patient based on measurements and other factors, but in my opinion that too often leads to situations like yours. On the other hand, if you are choosing by placing samples in a bra with the cup size you want, that is not always as accurate as we would like either. And sometimes what looks great early on seems too small later, or the other way around. Your best uotcome at this point will be to work with your surgeon and come up with a plan.


Richard Baxter, MD
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Give things time to heal, and then discuss your options with your surgeon

I would wait a few months before considering a revision procedure, but if your implants are not providing you the size or look that you want, you surgeon will certainly work with you to help improve things. This will take some time, additional costs, and careful communication between the two of you, but in the end, if you are not happy with things, a second operation will likely be your best option.

Shahram Salemy, MD, FACS
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Breast implant size

Based on the description of your breasts being “way too small” I believe you will benefit from re-augmentation with larger implants. I suggest communicating (calmly)  with your surgeon explaining your goals. I think that the use of goal pictures is helpful in this communication process. This tends to be more accurate than the use of words or discussion of cup size which (as you have found out)  can be arbitrary.

More than likely your surgeon will do whatever he or she can to help you reach your goals.  Best wishes.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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Breast Implants too Small

This is one of the most common issues after Breast Augmentation Surgery.  I find that patient's perception of size varies tremendously.  This is why it is important to view Before and After photographs taken of other patients with similar body habitus to yours at least four months post operatively before choosing your implant size.  This is because it takes at least four months for implants to fully settle and for all of the swelling to resolve.  Unfortunately, the internet shows many photos of patients who are only one month post surgery, quoting their size, which can be misleading as the implants still appear much larger than they will after swelling has resolved.  I believe that choosing an implant that fits your chest dimensionally well is extremely important.  You should discuss this issue with your original surgeon as most board certified plastic surgeons would want you to be happy and offer you a discounted rate to exchange your implants for a larger size.  This may involve changing the profile of your implant or simply placing a larger size to give you more volume.  I hope this information will help you with your concerns.

Christopher J. Morea, MD
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon
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You should wait several months to see how they settle

It really is best to wait several months to let the swelling resolve and the tissues settle. Please don't rush into any quick decisions about changing out your implants without giving it time. If in several months, you still are not happy, then discuss with your surgeon about switching out the implants. Good luck.

David Shafer, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Too Small Breast Implants-Try New Mentor Sizing System

Thank you for your question. Many, many women wish they had chosen larger Breast Implants. Most often the reason is that they were "afraid they would look too big" and exp[ressed this fear to their surgeon.

There is a new Breast Implant Sizing system that finally gives patients the opportunity to fairly accurately estimate how different sizes of Breast Implants will look on them.

Check the new system out on Loveyourlook dot com.

If you want to go bigger consult your surgeon and go bigger but use the sizing system to be sure you make the right choice.

Unhappy with implant size

You can always have surgery to increase the implant size, but if you just got the implants, my first advice is to wait a few months before considering a revision. The position and shape of the breasts does change in the initial postoperative period, so it is wise to allow some time for this. Also, if you have 300 cc implants in and wear the same bra size, you probably were wearing the wrong size bra either before or after the augmentation. I always tell patients we cannot guarantee a cup size because each brand of lingerie fits differently, and you can be completely different cup sizes depending on the brand. Generally speaking, 150-200 cc of added volume adds roughly a cup size, but each body shape and bra type is different so this is not a strict conversion. In any case I would let your surgeon know you are unhappy with the size and see what he or she recommends. Your surgeon may waive the surgeon’s fee if you do decide to go larger in size.

Anita Patel, MD, FACS
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Keep Cool!

You need to wait at least 6 months to see how you really look, then make a decision.I find it interesting that an implant that size has not changed your bra size.If you are "too small" after waiting it out, you can always have larger implants placed. It is easier to go larger, but harder to go smaller!

No surgeon should promise cup size, since there are no standards in size. There should be no promises of satisfaction because nobody will know how you will look ,after surgery, and if you will like the result. This should have been clearly expressed in the consent you signed. discuss this with your surgeon and I am sure he'she will be accomodating.

Michael S. Beckenstein, MD
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon
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Wait before changing breast implants too quickly

Cosmetic surgery and breast augmentation can often have patients on an emotional roller coaster. Doubt about proper breast size is at the top of the list. Right after the procedure I often hear that a patient may feel the implant is too big, and sometimes that the implant may be too small. As a rule these feeling diminish and patients become quite pleased. Of course it is very important to communicate just what you are expecting with your surgeon before your procedure. We use pictures extensively. I cannot tell you how many times patients have said they wish to be a small "C" and will present pictures that are clearly closer to a "D" cup. Our goal in practice is to give a result and look that our patients expect, and disappointment can be prevented.

If your implant indeed is 300cc then the estimated change in your cup is about 1 1/2, or possibly 2 if your chest is small. Still the result may be less than what you hoped for, or worse, less than what somebody else you know hoped for. Over time I think that your result will be tasteful and attractive and you may come to like it better than you do now. By all means wait at least six months, and rely on no opinion other that your own. There is little harm in doing so. If you feel you must have a change, your surgeon is the best place to start.

Best of luck,


Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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