Braces or Invisalign for 3mm Overjet, 2mm Open Bite, Crowding and Missing Front Tooth? (photo)

Lost my tooth in an accident & want to get my teeth straightened before my implant. Looking for some consensus on the best course of treatment because I have received differing opinions from good orthos: Ortho 2: SL braces for 9 months, visits 4-6 weeks, rubber bands; ORTHO 2: Damon braces for 12-18 months, visits every 4 weeks; ORTHO 3 (Elite Provider): Invisalign for 12 months, visits every 6 weeks. I would also like to place my implant by December. Thanks.

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Invisalign, implant, crown

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Invisalign is just another way of performing orthodontics. It is preferred by many adults since the aligners are removable and much less noticeable. Since your arches require expansion in order to accommodate the crowding, invisalign is actually perfect for your case. What you need to select is actually not the method of performing orthodontics in your case, but the proper dentist who understands the relationship between the orthodontic movement, the extraction of tooth and implant placement, and the final restoration. I recommended you first see a prosthodontist to plan is the final case, and let him/her refer you to an orthodontist of his/her choice, so that the communication between the doctors is excellent. The final results greatly depend on that communication. Best of luck.

Multiple opinions can be confusing

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In orthodontics, when you seek multiple opinions, you are bound to hear mulitple ways to treat your teeth.  There is also bound to be differences in estimated treatment time.  This is not a matter of someone being right and everyone else being wrong.  First, there are mulitple ways to acheive the same goals.  It doesn't necessarily mean one is better than the others.  Secondly, when you are given a treatment time, it is really just an educated guess, often based on experience.  There are so many factors that can make it shorter or longer, so I would put very little weight on a time estimate when making comparisons, unless it is grossly different.  I also assume no one has made a thorough diagnosis and treatment, which makes what you have been told even less "solid".  Fixed braces are best in most cases.  Removable aligners can work great in some cases, but you need to be aware of thier draw backs.  Choose an orthodontist who is proficient in both and you feel you can trust and get along with.  Then seek their candid advice on your specific case.  Good luck!



Doug Depew, DMD
Atlanta Orthodontist

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