Braces After Chin Implant

I've asked my cosmetic surgeon who does not specialize in the dept of dentistry about the possibility of going for orthodontic after Mentoplasty. The doctor said that it's possible and would not affect the proportion of my profile at all. I'd like to ask if his statement is true? Based on my research, Orthodontic can adjust and fix overbite (my overbite isn't very serious). In this case, would wearing Braces affect the proportion of my profile (which is already corrected with implant)? Thanks.

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Chin Implant

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Having Braces for overbite will not affect your profile with or without chin implant. Braces will strighten the teeth for better allighnment of teeth. Surgery on the mandible or maxilla will change your profile.

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Braces after Chin Implant

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Both a chin implant and braces will improve the profile, regardless of sequence. Consult with both your surgeon and orthodontist before treatment.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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