Chin Implants Sizes

Could you help me understand the sizing system for chin implants? My wife had breast aug and it was really simple to understand sizing in that case. I can't find a guide guide to chin implant sizes.

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Chin Implant Sizes

Chin implants are not soft like breast implants, are made of several different choices of material (solid silicone, e-PTFE, hydroxyapatite, to name a few) and come in different shapes and sizes. They can be used to fill the pre-jowl area (the Mittleman pre-jowl implant) with little anterior augmentation, the entire anterior chin and prejowl area (the Flowers extended anatomic vertical tilt mandibular glove), or just the very front of the chin (the "button" type of implant). Chin implants come in sizes ranging from VVS (very,very small) to XXL, with each implant different from the next by 1mm (or 1/25th of an inch). Custom implants can even be created per your surgeon's direction, and your own bone can be contoured, cut, and reattached using craniofacial techniques.

Sizing your chin implant is something done at the time of consultation with your plastic surgeon, and he or she can help you decide what is best for your anatomy and wishes. If you have orthodontic or bite-mismatch issues, you may be referred to an oral surgeon or orthodontist for correction of these concerns first. I hope this helps!

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Chin implant sizes

Chin implants come in different shapes, sizes and types.  Which implant is used is dependent on the amount of augmentation needed and the location of where the augmentation is needed along the jawline.  The more commonly used implants are made by Implantech.  You can go to their website to assess sizes and types.

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Chin Implants Sizes

Chin Implants come in different syles and shapes. Sizers are made which are typically in 3-4 versions, Generally speaking they offer varying amounts of projection ranging from 3mm to 9mm.

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Chin Implant Sizing

In order to understand chin implant sizing, it is important to be able to think in 3 dimensions.  An implant can extend the profile in projection, in width or in height.  Your surgeon will need to analyze where the deficiency is and choose the properly shaped implant to enhance the appearance.

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The sizing of chin implants depends on which implant is used: all mediums are not created equal.

I read your concern, and it's easy to see how you could be confused by Chin Implant sizing. In my practice I mainly use 2 types of chin implants, both manufactured by Implantech. Most of my patients get an "extended anatomical" implant, and the most common size used is a medium. Small and large are used as well, depending on your needs. extended anatomical implants will add between 4-6mm of chin projection.

Some patients with retrusive chins benefit from a "Flower's Mandibular Glove". These look similar to the extended anatomical implants, but these are helpful for adding an upward tilt to the bottom of your chin. These implants will add between 6-10mm of chin projection.

During your consultation, sizers may be used to help determine what would be best for you.

I hope this is helpful.

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Chin implant sizes

Unlike breast implants, chin implants come in at least 15 different styles and each style can have 3 or more sizes. This is a case where your surgeon may make the decision based on your specific needs and evaluation.

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Chin Implant Sizing

Chin implants come in many different types and sizes depending on the need of the patient. I typically use an acrylic chin implant for most patients and they come in sizes one thru six. The most commonly used sizes are between one and four in my practice. I often use an imaging computer and take a preoperative photograph and then do a proposed postoperative photo of the patient with the estimated sized chin implant. This allows the patient to see the proposed result and determine the size that is going to used. Often times the size of the implant used is determined with other factors in mind and that is if a rhinoplasty or other surgery will be done in conjunction with the augmentation. There are also several types of implants made and used by various surgeons and should be a question you make specific to any surgeon you are consulting with. I hope this doesn't confuse you more and sheds some light on the matter. Best regards.

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Chin Implants Sizes

Spend more in person time with the PS and the sizers. Over the internet very hard to correctly inform.From MIAMI Dr. Darryl j. Blinski

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