Medpor Round Chin Implant Size

Hi, I had a consultation with my PS yesterday. He did 3-d imaging on my chin and told me that a 7 mm medpor (round) implant is needed to achieve the desired projection. He says it won't but I'm not sure if that size will be too big for my face. Seeing my picture, what do you think? Regards, Malin.

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Chin Implant sizing

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Viewing the imaging that you sent it appears that the augmentation looks symmetrical for your profile and will give you the proper alignment. Equally and most important is how did it appear to you? This is important to discuss with your surgeon and while we may project a possible size implant with imaging, the actual size may differ during surgery due to actual bone vs. soft tissue. So it is important that you like the appearance and your surgeon and you discuss the variable sizes and preferred appearance so you will be able to be comfortable with your surgeons ultimate sizing decision. I hope this is of some help to you and best regards.

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Chin Implant Size

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If tthe picture submitted is a copy of your imaging, the size of your implant is not too big. I think it is a conservative augmentation that compliments your profile.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Chin Implant size--Art v. Science

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There are a multitude of measurements and metrics used to determine the correct implant size, including taking xrays to determine actual bone versus soft tissue in the chin to help anticipate the impact of a given implant size. However, chin augmentation, like all plastic surgery is, in a sense, sculpting and therefore art. If you have had a 3D imaging system used to visualize your implant, you have had more than most. Did it look good to you?

I think that 7mm sounds right (it happens to be the most commone Medpor implant I use), and looking at your pictures, I think it is right.  Understand that the Medpor implants are completely customizable/carvable so your PS can modify and adjust the implant during surgery.  AND, as loathsome as it may be to consider, implants are not permanent--if you don't like it --remove it! (Make sure you wait for all swelling to go down before judging its size--2-3 months).

Good Luck

Reginald Rice, MD
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Chin implant size

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Ideally chin should be slightly less projected than upper lip. The imaging picture seems adequate. However, you will have to be happy with the size. If you like what you see, then that should be your size.

Mohsen Tavoussi, MD, DO
Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon

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