Is The Nose Weaker Post Rhinoplasty? I've Been Boxing.

Hi I broke my nose several times playing rugby in my younger days. I had a rhinoplasty to correct the problem after stopping playing. The procedure was carried out 7 years ago. I now box but was under the impression that my nose would have been significantly weakened due to the rhinoplasty - is this the case? I am very keen to box competitively but do not want my nose to explode as soon as I get punched on it.. clearly boxing is not a great idea for me but I really enjoy it ...many thanks

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Noses after rhinoplasty

The nose shoudl be fairly strong after rhinoplasty once it has healed. However, you take a nice shot to the nose in boxing and you can definitely break it again.

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It depends

The answer depends on your nose shape and the type of surgery that was done. Unfortunately, with many surgeries the nose IS permanently weakened and will be more prone to a fracture. As a fellow rugby player, I think I understand you! My prediction is you will box no matter what we say here, so wear head gear whenever you can, and come see a good surgeon when you break it again!

J. Charles Finn, MD
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Nose strength after rhinoplasty

There have been a couple of studies done that show that noses are not any weaker following a rhinoplasty.  The problem is that if you do break your nose after a rhinoplasty has been done, then your nose is more difficult to fix, because it has been operated on.  I don't think it is a very good idea to start boxing after you have had a rhinoplasty.

Douglas J. Kibblewhite, MD
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