Can Botox Be Used to Change the Shape of my Eyes?

One eye is perfectly almond shaped and the other is slightly larger and too round. I want both to appear almond shaped. Can botox and/or fillers help with this?

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Botox to shape eyes and eyebrows


Botox can change the look of the eyes by elevating and arching or lowering and flattening eyebrows.  It can open up squinting eyes. It can make a narrow squinting eye look more round and open.  But the shape of the eyes is not just muscle and skin and its related to the bony orbit, the fat and soft tissue as well as attachment of eyelid muscles and canthal tendons which cannot be changes with Botox.  

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You can make the eye more round with Botox, maybe make it more almond shaped with fillers

By injecting in the lower lid a small amount of Botox, you can loosen up the lid and make the eye look more rounded. You want the other effect, which you might be able to achieve by injecting filler in the upper cheek or tear trough area.  However, it might look asymetric with unilateral filler, so be careful.  

Steven F. Weiner, MD
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If we are talking the contour of the eyebrow, then yes certainly.

If we are talking about the eyelid margin, then no.  To alter the shape of the eye, surgery is needed.  The most common form of this is ptosis surgery and canthal surgery.  Fillers have been used to fill the lower eyelid in an effort to push up a lower eyelid and this can change the eyelid contour.  Please be careful what you look for out there.

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Botox will improve the shape of your eyebrow but it will not change the shape of your eyes.

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Botox and dermal fillers for eye shape changes

Thank you for the question.

It is possible to lift a lateral end of the eyebrow and by that lift a corner of the eye, Dermal filler can also help to re-balance soft tissue proportions. But you have to understand that these methods give only subtle and not long lasting results.

Alexandra Chambers, MD, PhD
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