Blurred Vision Post-op Eyelid Surgery

Had upper/lower eyelid surgery 6 weeks ago. Issue is persistent blurred vision - dramatic change in astigmatism - blurred and double vision both far and near sight. told cornea was scratched up a bit Big issue is 2me is vision loss - will it improve. Also lack of information online abt the real recovery time from this op. Can anybody shed any light on potential to recover vision loss?

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There are a number of potential causes of blurred vision after eyelid surgery.

Generally, eyelid surgery causes eyelid swelling and some dysfunction for a period of time after surgery even when there are no post-surgical complications.  An appropriate presurgical work up prior to any eyelid surgery should included an assessment of the eyes for relative dryness.  Not all eyelid surgeons possess the necessary training, skills of equipment for this assessment.  Under these circumstances, the preoperative assessment should be done by your general ophthalmologist.  This assessment simply helps us know if you are likely to have more or less issues with dry eye after surgery.  Occasionally patients are encountered who have such a significant dry eye issue that eyelid surgery is no recommended.  

Eyelid swelling, aggressive eyelid tightening procedures can affect the corneal shape.  Generally with time these issue abate.  

At this point, an evaluation by your general ophthalmologist is recommended to assess your visual status, refractive state, and corneal status.

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Blurred Vision after Eyelid Surgery

Typically after surgery, you can have some blurry vision for a day or so from the swelling and also from the ointment that is put in the eyes to keep them moist.  If you have decreased vision, loss of vision or persistent change in vision, then you need to see an ophthalmologist right away.  In most cases, it is something temporary, but there are very, very rare cases where you may need immediate attention.


Good Luck. 

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Blurry eyes after surgery

Corneal abrasions are not a common complication with eyelid surgery. They usually heal fast without sequelae. If you have vision changes after 6 weeks you should consult an opthalmologist.   

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Vision change after eyelid surgery very unusual

It is very unusual to experience significant vision change more than two to three weeks after eyelid surgery.  It is normal to experience some blurry vision the first week after eyelid surgery due to swelling from the surgery.  However, if you are having significant blurriness more than two to three weeks after eyelid surgery, I suggest that you consult an ophthalmologist to have your vision checked. 

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Persistent blurred vision after Eyelid Surgery

 Prolonged blurred vision after Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery has been reported in the literature.  It occurs very infrequently and is reported to be caused by changes in the shape of the cornea and/or eyeball position from the eyelid surgery.  You may want to have an examination by an opthalmologist for further evaluation.  The paper that I read, on the subject, stated that rarely do patients still have these symptoms at a year after the eyelid surgery which seems to indicate most of the patients with blurred vsision had it resolve on its own.

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Prescriptons after eyelid surgery can change

The prescription can change, but is usually temporary and will not result in vision loss.  However, it can take 3 months for the swelling to completely go away and the new eyelid position to change.  Most of the time we recommend getting a cheap pair of glasses in the interim.  However, if there’s been a problem with the cornea (either due to an intraocular problem or a dry eye problem post surgery), the corneal situation needs to be resolved first.  Depending on how bad the situation might be, the resolution could take a long time, but speak with your doctor about addressing the corneal issue before changing your prescription.  Once the corneal situation is resolved to satisfaction, and if there is no scarring or anything related to scarring, your vision should return to normal.  Often prescription changes are temporary and will get better as healing takes place.

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Blurred vison after eyelid surgery

It is common for vision to be a bit blurry for the first couple weeks after eyelid surgery.  Often this is simply the effect of the ointment in the early post-op period. Other times, the problem is from underlying dry eyes that are more apparent after surgery.

It is not very common for  a patient to have significant blurring of vision or double vision at 6 weeks after eyelid surgery.  In fact, true double vision after eyelid surgery should be very rare.

It would be a good idea for you to see your ophthalmologist so that the surface of your eye and other possible reasons for your blurred vision can be evaluated.  This examination would likely include putting something called fluorescein on the surface of your eye so that subtle changes of the cornea can be detected at a table-top microscope called a slit lamp.  Most oculoplastic surgeons will carefully examine the surface of a patient's eye  with such a device prior to any eyelid surgery.

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Blurred Vision After Eyelid Surgery

Some degree of blurred vision can be expected for a week or two after eyelid surgery, predominantly related to use of lubricating ophthalmic ointment.  If your vision has changed or is still blurred at 6 weeks, I would strongly suggest that you see an Ophthalmologist for further evaluation.

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Blurred vision post bleph

This is unusual to have this 6 weeks post op.i would go to your eye doctor and have a complete eye exam.

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Blurred vision after eyelid surgery

It is expected to have some degree of blurry vision for the first week or two after undergoing an uncomplicated eyelid surgery. However, if symtoms persist longer, it is important to identify the cause, and as the other physicians mentioned already, there are a variety of problems that can cause persistent blurry vision after eyelid surgery such dry eyes, tightened lids after undergoing lower lid resuspension, topical drops causing corneal problems, and a whole list of other causes. The most important thing to do now is to have an evaluation by an ophthalmologist.   Hope this helps and good luck.

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