Blepharoplasty for a 15 Year Old? (photo)

I'm 15 years old, male, and am no stranger to plastic surgery. (I hope to become a plastic surgeon.) On both sides of my family, everyone has droopy and fatty eyelids, and it never seems to go away with age, only worsen. I have inherited this trait and think I would be much happier having an upper blepharoplasty to give me a more normal eyelid, as well as better vision. I have thought about this for about 6 weeks now. Is this surgery an option for me? Costs? My parents are fine with it.

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Treatment of eyelids in a teenager

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Very good analysis of your situation. There are pros and cons to each surgery and indications for treatment.  If you meet criteria, physically - emotionally - and psychologically, you may be considered for the surgery after an examination, informed consent, and evaluation are provided. 

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Disinclined to do cosmetic eyelid surgery only teenager.

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There's nothing medically contraindication to doing eyelid surgery and 15-year-old. I doubt you have a functional problem so it would be completely cosmetic. I personally would ask that you wait until  you are 18 so you can make the decision yourself.

Upper blepharoplasty in teenager?

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You appear to have upper eyelid ptosis and "puffy" upper eyelids. Although upper blepharoplasty is rarely needed in teenagers, ptosis surgery is more common. See an oculoplastic surgeon for evaluation.

Mehryar (Ray) Taban, MD, FACS
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Blepharoplasty for a 15 Year Old? (photo)

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Your photograph shows Upper Eyelid Ptosis, excess skin and fat and a low set brow. You need a proper evaluation to assess your eyelid opening to confirm whether you have ptosis, and the degree of visual field impairment and if surgery would help.

Correction of the Ptosis would be a functional operation and hence OK to have it when you are 15 as it would help with eyelid opening and improving visual fields.

The rest ( addressing the brow, skin and fat) would be cosmetic, and hence can change your facial appearance. At 15 you would be advised to wait for a few years, obtain parental consent, consult with a psychologist in addition to consulting with a Surgeon with the expertise

Upper Blepharoplasty at age 15

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You definitely have hereditary hooding of the upper eyelids due to excess skin.  Although highly unusual to perform

s Blepharoplasty at your age, it is not unheard of to do an upper eyelid lift in someone your age.  As long as you have discussed it openly with your parents and they are "on board", you can certainly have the operation safely and derive significant benefit.  It should be performed by an experienced Facial Plastic, Oculoplastic or general Plastic surgeon making sure not too much skin is removed and only after your tearing function has been evaluated.

15 yr old Blephs

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It is way too early to consider this surgery. You definitely have extra skin in upper eyelids through your hereditary tree but you are still young to handle such a surgery at an emotional level. I would strongly recommend that you wait at least till you are past 25 years of age. By that time you will be a lot more mature in mind, body and spirit. Regards
Dr. J
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Tanveer Janjua, MD
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Too young to consider a surgical option for upper eyelid sagging

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You may be a bit too young to consider surgery at this time but features to consider are:

  1. The position of your eyebrows
  2. The function of your upper eyelids - possible congenital upper eyelid ptosis
  3. Thick skin of the upper eyelids
  4. Excess peri-orbital fat

Best to wait a few more years before considering a surgical option

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Photos show...

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If your photo truly represents what your anatomy is like, then you have eyelid ptosis, as well as excess eyelid skin and low eyebrow.

I agree with my colleagues that for cosmetic surgery, it is often best to wait a bit longer if possible [though many teenagers do get rhinoplasty].

In your case however, you have mentioned in your photo subtext that you're droopy eyelids cause your visual field to be compromised. If that is truly the case, then I would consider surgery at a younger age. You would need an evaluation of your visual fields by an Oculoplastics surgeon to determine whether it is bad enough to consider surgery.

I have provided a link below to find a well qualified surgeon near you.


A.J. Amadi, MD
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This surgery will not accomplish what you think it will.

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I also agree with the other poster.  There are circumstances where I will perform cosmetic eyelid surgery on a minor with parental consent.  However, it is often better to wait.  They say our brain does not mature until we are 27 ( older for men).  

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Blepharoplasty for a 15 year old? No

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Age 15 is too early to consider cosmetic eyelid surgery.  I would re-evaluate things in your early 20's when facial growth is complete and greater personal development has taken place.  You have low set brows and epicanthal folds which contribute to your individual look. 

Stephen Prendiville, MD
Fort Myers Facial Plastic Surgeon
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