Bleeding and Oozing After Rhinoplasty

It's been 4 days since my surgery and I still have to wear my drip pad. I have slight bleeding and oozing (more oozing) is this normal or should I be concerned? Would it be better if I tried cleaning around my nostrils?

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Oozing and Bleeding after Rhinoplasty, Nose Surgery

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It has been only 4 days since your surgery. It is not normal if you are having extenisve bleeding.

There may be some drainage and some oozing but should be stopping by now.

You should contact your plastic surgeon and review his post-operative instructions. with regard to cleaning your nostrils, and incisions.

Hope this was helpful.

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Post-op oozing after rhinoplasty

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It is not abnormal to have some oozing after Rhinoplasty for a few days.  The degree of drainage depends on a number of factors, such as amount of internal work done, surgical trauma etc.  In our practice we see our patients frequently during the first week, we perform what we call "nasal hygiene", which is painless cleaning of the nose, which significantly decreases any discomfort, stuffiness and drainage.

You might find it insightful to read my article "The Art of Sculpting the Nose" which can be found on my web site under "publications"

Boris M. Ackerman, MD
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Bleeding and Oozing after Rhinoplasty

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Minor bleeding and oozing may occur for several days after rhinoplasty. Follow your surgeon's instructions re cleaning your nostrils. Most of us prefer that our patients call before treating themselves immediately after surgery. 

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Oozing After Rhinoplasty Normal

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It is normal to ooze after a rhinoplasty for up to a week in some cases.  It all depends on how much surgery was done, where the incisions are placed, whether the nose was fractured during surgery, etc.  Alot of times you have old blood/mucus trapped in the nose that leaks out a little over the first week.  Nothing to worry about.  I hope this helps.

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