The Stitches in my Nose Aren't Dissolving and It's Been a Month Since my Rhinoplasty

I have a few stitches on one side of my nose and they hurt when I'm trying to clean my nose with cutton swabs. The stiches hang loose and absorb the mucus... what should I do? I thought about cutting the ends myself.

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Absorbable Sutures are used inside of the nose


Typically we use a fast absorbing sutures that are dissolved by one month. The lining of the inside of the nose heals quickly. Do not remove the sutures yourself but visit your surgeon and he will be able to easily remove them for you.

Good luck

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Intra-nasal Sutures

Sutures placed in the nose are absorbable and normally do not last for a month. See your surgeon for removal of these stitches.

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Nose Stitches: Absorbable?

Most commonly, internal nasal lining stitches are made from a material known as chromic cat gut. They are designed to fall out  a week or two after the surgery.  However, in situations where a "quilting suture" is used for the nasal septum, the material can last slightly longer (related to the length of suture used).  In other circumstances, particularly with septocolumellar sutures (suture between the septum and the columella), an inflammation the cartilages can occur, leading to discomfort. Furthermore, there are absorbable sutures (monocryl, vicryl)  that last longer than the period described.

In circumstances where the nasal cartilages are reshaped, permanent sutures are frequently used.  These should not be palpable within the nose.

Ask your Surgeon to take a look and if some form of longer acting suture (such as PDS) was utilized.

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You should NOT have stitches inside the nose a month after nose surgery

The nose lining heals very quickly after surgery. As a result, we use sitches which dissolve and fall off a week or more after surgery. There is nothing to be gained by having such stitches in as long as a month after surgery. You should see your nose surgeon andhave him remove the stitches. Dr. Aldea

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