Black Triangle Solution? Now in Braces Treatment...HELP? (photo)

I do have small triangle in between my front 4 teeth. Before i have braces, i only have really small black triangle on the right side..but now i have 3 black triangles on my front teeth....what is the best solution? I was thinking to get veneers, but maybe there is better option??

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Bioclear for black triangles

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I would wait.  Give it time, the gums may fill in.  If not, Bioclear method does a great job to fill the spaces by only ADDING material.

Black triangles between teeth

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You have large triangular shaped teeth and probably some vertical facial development that has caused your teeth to grow longer relative to the amount of gum tissue you have.  Because of these factors straightening the teeth can create dark triangles as crowding resolves and the teeth end up aligned with a corner of one touching a corner of the next.  Often a simple solution is just to do what we call "slenderizing" which is just removing a small percentage of the enamel corner of each tooth, allowing the teeth to move closer together and reducing the dark triangles.  This does not hurt, does not cause teeth decay and really is no big deal!

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

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