Do plastic surgeons get upset when you're not happy with their work and need a revision?

I had a breast lift and augmentation, but the doctor didn't lift as much as I would have wanted. I wanted more skin off to create rounder breasts. My breasts look long. The nipples are not where I wanted them. Since it was so expensive & something I needed, I am not fine with the results if this is it. I'm at 2 months, but I won't rush into it, I'm waiting for the 3 month mark to be sure. My doctor is wonderful and very nice, but I'd never want to make them feel like I'm insulting their work.

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In Need of Revision?

Photos would be helpful, but if your breasts look long and the nipple position is low, then a revision will likely be needed as these problems don't get better with time. If you invested a good deal of money in the surgery it is perfectly reasonable to be critical of the outcome and you would not be insulting. Even the very best surgeons do not get perfect results every time so on occasion (hopefully rare) a revision may be needed. In fact, the combination of lift plus augmentation performed at the same time is known to have a very high rate of revision (30% or more in various studies), so it should be no surprise to either you or your surgeon that a revision is needed. Hopefully your surgeon discussed this with you prior your surgery and provided you with an estimate of the costs of revision since it is such a common issue. 

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Revisions more common with combination lift and implants at the same time

I am sure your plastic surgeon will want to hear your concerns and see if anything further needs to be done. The combination of implants and a lift has a higher revision rate than most procedures, because it can be tricky to predict how the tissues will settle out. Often the revision is relatively minor such as adjusting nipple position or a bit more tightening of the skin envelope so I think it still makes sense to combine the two procedures rather than staging them.

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Revisionary surgery is part of what we do as plastic surgeons.  It is a necessary thing because we are not done until you are happy!   It can be a very subjective thing. Augmentation with a lift is a very difficult operation and I tell my patients that there is a 10-15 percent chance I will need to do a touch up or revision of the breasts.  Very common.   We try and keep everyone happy.  When revisions occur there is a fee for the operating room and the anesthesia supplies.. We do need to charge for that. 

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Do plastic surgeons get upset when you're not happy with their work and need a revision?

I'm sorry to hear about your concerns. It's important to know that every surgeon should be willing to listen to their patients concerns after surgery. No doubt your surgeon would want you to express your concerns. You'll then be able to have a discussion about how best to proceed. Sometimes the answer is giving yourself more time to heal, a revision, or no surgery at all.

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How to approach a plastic surgeon after dissatisfaction with breast augmentation.

In most circumstances preoperative preparation should make postop to satisfaction very uncommon. If you do not like something about the breast augmentation calmly explained to your surgeon what you do not like. It is important that you be very specific. Then be prepared to listen. Also remember that many apparent problems vanish with the passage of time.

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Do plastic surgeons get upset when you're not happy with their work and need a revision?

With photos to review we might be able to give you some ideas specific to your situation, otherwise we can speak only in generalities. Surgery does not always produce the result we foresee as surgeons and in that case most of us are more than happy to revise it. Patients often expect more from surgery than it can give and even though they get very acceptable results, it may not be the result they envisioned and they expect further surgery to make it better when the surgeon knows that will not happen and the surgeon will decline the revision. In either case any good surgeon will not take offense if you ask questions about why the result is what it is. 

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Speak candidly with your doctor as to what your concerns are. If you do not feel satisfied with the answers you are given, consult with breast revision experts in your area

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Do plastic surgeons get upset when you're not happy with their work and need a revision?

No,  any well experienced plastic surgeon understands that it is not possible to achieve patient satisfaction all the time. This is especially true for more complicated procedures such as breast augmentation/lifting surgery. Revisionary surgery is a well accepted part of the process; in other words,  every plastic surgeon who has  any experience at all knows that a significant percentage of patients will require revision surgery to improve their outcomes.

 Therefore, plastic surgeons are generally not "insulted",  unless the form of communication is less than ideal.   In other words, I recommend patients communicate their disappointment in a calm/constructive fashion; avoiding inflammatory terms such as "botched" is helpful.

 This type of respectful communication allows for maintenance of a physician/patient relationship conducive to working together to improve the patient's outcome.

 I hope this helps.

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#BreastImplantRevision - Do plastic surgeons get upset?

Posting several photos, including before and what you look like now, might help you get a more specific answer as to whether or not it makes sense for you to undergo a revision.  From your description it sounds like you would, but you'll get more info if you can add some photos.  If so, then approaching your plastic surgeon calmly, and showing the photos, may help ease what can otherwise be an uncomfortable discussion.  You are of course entitled to expect a result within a certain range, with the understanding that surgery is both an art and a science, and there can be no guarantees of any surgical result.  And then, based on what's involved with a revision, you'll have to make a decision as to whether or not to proceed.  I hope that this helps and good luck.  Dr. Alan Engler, Member of #RealSelf500

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