Are my severe chapped lips from an infection or a new allergy from using too much lip balm? (photo)

Whilst I was on my second cycle of Roaccutane my lips became extremely chapped. Immediately I stopped R, I noticed balms were not helping but only adding to the problem, my lips got severe the more I applied products containing Lanolin & petroleum which were ok to use b4 this. Medication: Clotrimazol & Triamcinolone Previously:Hydrocortizone, Clotrimazol (used together for 3 weeks) Clioquinol (2 weeks) no improvements & Ampho-moronal lozenges (1 week) stopped the peeling inside of the mouth.

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Dry lips on isotretinoin

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This is an expected side effect from isotretinoin. It should resolve within 1 week of completing your course. Emollient lip balms are generally the most helpful for addressing dryness. Best of luck!

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