Cast removal after 4 days, too early?

Hi, I had a botched nosejob two months ago and I think that the "doctor" really don't know what he is doing. After my rhinoplasty he took the cast off after 4 days and start to push really hard on my nose, this was really hurting and my nose started to bleed! I asked him what he was doing and he said " I'm pushing the swelling down" , I know for sure that he wanted to hide the crookedness that appeared after a few days. This isn't normal to do I guess?

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Cast removal after 4 days, too early

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Thank you for your question. Normally the cast is removed after 5 to 7 days after the surgery overroll your surgeon might have a reason to remove the cast after 4days, it is best to follow up with your surgeon and also inform him about your concerns.

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Cast Removal after Rhinoplasty

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Dear inge89, Cast removal after rhinoplasty after 4 days does seem a bit early. Usually I remove the cast after 7 days and I stress leaving the cast in place during this time to allow the nasal bones to set in place. I would follow up with your surgeon after your surgery to discuss post operative expectations for your outcomes. Best regards, Gina Chu, MD

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