Can I get Tummy Tuck / Lipo w/ low pulse/ maybe bradycardia? (photos)

I have been up/ down low pulses, yesturday it was 44. I wanted to know can I get tt/lipo w twilight anesthesia if I have a low pulse which has never given me any problems. Ive never fainted, i exercise everyday. I considered myself healthy. I will be visiting my doctor every chance i get to figure out whether or not I need a pacemaker. Im 39yo non smoker

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Bradycardia (low heart rate) and surgery

While many athletes have low heart rates, you certainly don't want to take a chance that you will have a severe complication.  

It would be in your best interest to see a cardiologist prior to having any surgery.  Lidocaine can have toxic effects on the heart muscle, so it is important to make sure your heart is normal and able to withstand the stresses of surgery.

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Slow pulse candidate for liposuction?

A pulse of 44 does sound of concern to me and might possibly warrant either medication or a pacemaker depending upon risks and symptoms.  Your cardiologist will be best capable of advising you on the options and your best choices.  The use of adrenaline during tumescent liposuction may be protective and increase your heart rate, on the other hand it could also stimulate ectopic beats with such a slow pulse and endanger you.  Make sure that you receive a full evaluation and advice from your cardiologist before considering an elective surgical procedure even under local.  Good luck and best wishes.

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Bradycardia and cosmetic surgery

A 'slow' resting pulse is frequently seen in very fit and healthy individuals and is not a reason to refer a patient to cardiology for a pre-op work up. Patients with symptoms of dizziness, light headedness and low blood pressure that are associated with low resting heart rate may not be good candidates for outpatient surgery of any type without proper work up and management.

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Can I get Tummy Tuck / Lipo w/ low pulse/ maybe bradycardia?

It's difficult to say whether bradycardia is an issue for you. Only a cardiologist can determine whether you have a naturally slow heart rate that is normal, or if there is some other issue going on. Assuming that the cardiologist clears you completely then you should be able to undergo a surgical procedure.

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Can I get Tummy Tuck / Lipo w/ low pulse/ maybe bradycardia?

Some people have a naturally low pulse, but 44 sounds far to low. You need to find out why it is so slow by consulting with a cardiologist before it can be determined whether surgery is safe. 

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Tummy Tuck - Need Medical Clearance

Thank you for your question. Prior to performing any elective surgical procedure you will need to have appropriate medical clearance, most likely from a cardiologist. This is for your safety. Please have a discussion with your board certified plastic surgeon regarding your medical history. Hope this helps and good luck.

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Tummy tuck candidate

You will most likely need to visit a cardiologist and get clearance by him/her before proceeding with surgery.  This is for your safety.  Discuss your concerns with your surgeon as he/she needs to be aware of the situation.

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Can I have a tummy tuck and liposuction if I have a slow heart rate?

Thank you for this important question.  Each and every one of us board certified Plastic Surgeons on this website will agree that patient safety is absolutely paramount when it comes to elective cosmetic surgery.  Beautiful results mean nothing if patients have complications.  

That being said, you must absolutely have this heart rate issue evaluated by your primary care doctor and possibly a cardiologist.  It may be completely benign and mean nothing, especially if you are very physically fit. However, if you might need a pacemaker, that must be addressed first before it is safe to perform a tummy tuck.

Make sure you and your potential Plastic Surgeon are comfortable with performing a tummy tuck under just twilight anesthesia.  Yes, it is possible but I think most doctors (myself included) do this surgery under a general anesthetic.  On the other hand, liposuction alone can easily be performed under local or twilight.  Be sure to choose a board certified Plastic Surgeon for your care.  Best of luck!

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