Basic Cost for Lipoma Removal from the Neck

I'd like to know, how much is the basic cost for lipoma removal from the neck?

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Lipoma removal cost varies

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and depends on where you live and who you see for this treatment.

i usually charge based on number of lesions removed.  $250 for the first and then $80 for each additional one however as you can already see, prices vary quite widely.


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Lipoma Cost

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The cost of plastic surgery varies on geographic location and the surgeon's expertise. The cost for lipoma is also impacted depending on the complexity of the case.  Generally, the fee is $500 to $2000.

Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS
West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Cost for lipoma removal from the neck

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Cost to remove a lipoma from the neck greatly varies depending on the location in the neck and how superficial the lipoma is. These are factors that contribute to the difficulty of the surgery. If it is a smaller, that is very superficial, this surgery is very straightforward and it may be done with local anesthesia and even in an office setting. However, if the lipoma is large and requires the rearrangement of your tissue to close the defect, this surgery may need to be done in a surgery center. If you like, is deep or is wrapped around important structures of the neck, this surgery may best be performed in a hospital setting and possibly with additional surgeons.

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Lipoma removal cost depends

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You can't get a good estimate for an operation of this sort by asking online. There are several important factors here:

(1) Lipomas vary in size and extent -- Some we can remove in the office under local anesthesia (cheaper) and others require removal in the operating room under anesthesia (more expensive.)

(2) Looking at a lump in the skin does not guarantee that it is a Lipoma. It might be any of a number of other things that might require more than just surgical removal.

(3) It also varies based upon who does it -- a dermatologist or general surgeon will be cheaper than a plastic surgeon if you are paying cash. It might not look as good afterward but it will be cheaper.

The best thing to do here is go see a good plastic surgeon (or other doctor if you don't care about how things look) for a consultation.

John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon

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