Can I take hair vitamins with Isotretinoin?

I've just started week 4 on accutane, for over a week I take 10mg per day. After only 2 weeks on 20mg my doctor reduced my dose to 10mg, and we will continue the course on this dose. My question now is, can I take following hair vitamin with accutane? The vitamin contains: Vitamin A 2500 NE, Vitamin C 50mg, Vitamin D3 50 NE, Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, all 3mg, Vitamin B12 10mcg, Vitamin B5 50mcg, Ca-lactate gluconate 110mg, Biotin 2000mcg, folic acid 100mcg. (2 pills per day). Thank you!

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Vitamins that may worsen acne

What a great question! Isotretinoin is actually a form of vitamin A, and taking extra supplementation of this while on therapy could actually worsen side effects and lead to vitamin A toxicity. B vitamins, particularly vitamin B6 and B12, can actually cause acne when taken in mega doses. The daily recommended doses of vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) and vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) are 1.3 mg and 2.4 mcg, respectively, for non-pregnant/non-lactating adult females. You are taking slightly above the recommended daily dose, but well under the mega doses reported in the literature as contributing to acne. Make sure your physician is aware of all vitamins and supplements that you take while on therapy.

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