Is there any effect on menstruation when taking accutane?

I'm 25. Single. I started taking accutane last july 2,2016. I had my period July 23. It's the end of the week of september now and I still don't have my period. I used menstruate every month. Is this related to accutane? Sometimes I feel pelvic cramps and it feels like I'm going to have my period already but when I check it, there's none.

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Abnormal menses

Abnormal menses can sometimes occur when taking Accutane, and can normalize after a couple months, or after your Accutane course is completed. It is important to make you sure are not pregnant, as you can get cramping with this as well. I would address this concern with your doctor, so they are aware of what you are experiencing. 

Best wishes, Dr. Sharata

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