Can my scars be fixed from open rhinoplasty?

I had revision rhinoplasty and not happy with results.. the dr said he cant fix the incisions from the previous surgery and laser would fix it...I don't think so I was wanting my nose much smaller and its too wide and long and the scar on side profile you can see it.. any recommendations of surgeons that deal with revision cases and thick skin? the scar from open rhinoplasty is annoyingggggg

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Scar revision after open rhinoplasty as well as further revision?

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Correction of dark hyperpigmented skin scar of nose.  closure of the open rhinoplasty scar is the easiest part of the surgery and in 40 years of open rhinoplasty I've never revised one scar or been asked to. Secondarily you need a revision to lengthen the nose as well as narrow the tip and bridge. You do not say how long this  surgery was done. Resubmit photos as described on my website and those of others to get a better idea of your goals and what exists now. 

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Fixing A Scar From Open Rhinoplasty

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Your scar can absolutely be revised, and this procedure is not uncommon for those of us who specialize in plastic surgery of the face and revision rhinoplasties. In my own practice, when a patient comes to me for revision rhinoplasty after having had a result from elsewhere that he or she dislikes, I often see an untoward "open rhinoplasty" scar that could be made less noticeable. I prefer to sew the open incision under loupe magnification using extremely thin suture material so that when the incision heals, it is nearly invisible. 

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