Are my porcelain veneers too long for my face? (photos)

I recently got porcelain veneers. I feel like the are too long and look horsey and like they protrude. I have the option to have them shortened. Can you please tell me your opinion, do you think they are too long? Do they look unnatural? Thank you :-)

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Hello there,
Veneers are made in all shapes, sizes and shades. It's important to discuss the results you would like to achieve with your dentist before starting the veneer process.  That being said, it can take time to fall in love with your veneers. Unfortunately, it's hard to determine if your veneers are too long based on the photos you provided.  I would recommend speaking with your dentist as soon as possible about your concerns. Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.

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Veneers too long?

if your veneers feel too long and look horsey to you, they probably are longer than what you are used to.  How long have you had them?  If the veneers were placed to add length to your teeth, it may take some time to get comfortable for you, and it may take some time to get used to your new look.  I would tell your dentist how you feel, but wait about a month before making any changes.  If you still do not like the appearance after that time, your dentist can try to shorten and reshape, or they may need to be replaced.

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Long veneers

Unfortunately the pictures you posted don't show enough of your face to answer your question. Please take pictures that show your full face with you smiling a normal smile.

Length of veneers

They do look somewhat bulky, but that has no easy fix. They don't look too bad in overall to do redo them to be less bulky, I'd stay with them. It is hard to tell about the length without a whole frontal facial photo to see the proportion, to your smile line they look good, but they do look to long in comparison with their width. You might get them 1 mm more short without problem. 

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