Can Space between veneers be fixed? (Photos)

I got 8 porcaline veneers a few days ago. Hated them from the beginning. Feel like they are too bulky and he did a bad job. But trying to just live with it but now after my last visit where he separated them so I can floss, I saw a gap between two teeth and now after flossing it has gotten worse. Can this gap be fixed/filled? If so, how? Or is my only option to remove the veneers and re do them? :( Thanks in advance.

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Spacing between veneers

unfortunately spaces between your veneers can only be closed by replacing one or two veneers.   Spacing can  occur due to not trying the teeth in properly to determine the order of placement, or the glue/cement being used to put the teeth in hardens before tooth is placed properly.  Although it is stressful for you, the dentist can easily fix the problem.  

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Space Between Veneers

it is likely you will need to replace one of those veneers to close the space.  It will take two appointments.  Contact your dentist and express your concerns.  Good luck.  

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Not that likely

Sorry to hear of your unhappiness with your veneers. Unfortunately you would have to have these permanently bonded veneers removed to correct any space unless you were willing to undergo some kind of orthodontic therapy to close it. Since you are unhappy with the shape of your veneers, you should talk to your dentist about redoing them. I would highly recommend that you review the new design before they are made the second time. This could be done by having the lab perform a wax up on a model of your teeth that could then be shown to you either with photographs or of the model itself.  Please have the new veneers placed on your teeth for viewing before they are bonded so that you may review the shape size and color before they're permanently bonded the second time. How did you decide on the dentist who performed your veneers?  Did you get  information that showed you they head  a great deal of experience performing  veneers before you selected them?  I always recommend asking the dentist many questions before starting. I also recommend viewing pictures of cases they've done before doing any cosmetic dental work.
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Hello there,
I'm sorry to hear that you don't love your veneers. Unfortunately, since your veneers have been permanently bonded, there is no way to make any major changes. The best advice I can give, is for you to return to your dentist and express your concerns.  The best option for you may be to have your veneers remade.  If you do this, be sure you love the look of your veneers before they are bonded.  Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.

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Bulky veneers

Thanks for posting the pictures. i understand your concerns. I suggest returning to your dentist and discussing your options. The only way to close the space and get rid of the bulkiness is to remake the veneers. I suggest that you look at the next set very closely before they are bonded.  

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