How much is a sleeve gastrectomy near Augusta, GA for a self pay patient?

My insurance is BCBS FEP. I was told by one doctor office it would not be covered because my BMI has not been high enough for the past 2 years. If I also have gastrolaresis, might they cover it anyway? What is a reasonable cost? I was quoted $20,000 for self pay.

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Self Pay Sleeve prices

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The price for the gastric sleeve will depend where the surgery is done.  If the surgery is done in the hospital, then the cost is about $20,000.  If the procedure is done in an ambulatory surgery center, the the price may be much less.  I am in orlando Florida and I do self pay sleeves in an out patient surgery center for $10,500.  Not sure how much it costs in your state.  I hope this helps.

Altamonte Springs Bariatric Surgeon
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Self Pay Cost for Sleeve Gastrectomy

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The price for a VSG varies widely for self-pay patients as well as what is included in that price.   We have put together a self pay package for patients that includes all the typical costs (surgeon, anesthesia and facility costs), but also includes all preoperative testing, all hospitalization costs (no matter the length of stay) and built-in complication insurance.   Our price for this is just under $13,000.    We are located just outside of Charlotte, NC and have tried to provide a true "all-inclusive" price.

Good luck.  Dr. Heider 

Self Pay Cost for VSG

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The price you were quoted is not out of the norm.  Most hospitals don't have self-pay patients, so they haven't gone to the trouble of putting together reasonable package prices.  So when a self-pay patient comes along, they just add up the retail prices for all the items an quote that totally ridiculous price.

I negotiated a price at my hospital based on the materials I use and the time most patients spend in the operating room, recovery room, and bed on the hospital floor.  Our all-inclusive price is $11,200 at St. Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital, in suburban Detroit.  This way there isn't a problem if you need to stay for a few extra days.  There is an ICU in the rare chance that you have a complication.  No compromises.

Call Cari in my office at 248-334-5444 and she will explain our program.

Mark Pleatman, MD
Bloomfield Hills Bariatric Surgeon
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