I'm really confused; still not eating much 3 months post op? Drinking hurts and so does food?

Ok so I did my surgery 27.5.16 I've lost almost 30 kilos which is amazing. The results are perfect! I'm at the RUT now where I haven't lost any weight in 2 weeks but I'm not going gym so I know that's my fault!! BUT I'm hardly eating! Yesterday I had 1 cup of Gatorade, and a handful of grapes, and I had 2 spoons of risotto for dinner! But literally all those times I took a few bites it hurt!!! And I didn't try anymore! Today I had a sip of drink and it hurt! Please help! Is everything ok?

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Pain when eating and drinking

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Hello, dear, Be patient. You will heal and unswell. You had major surgery, drink the liquid protein shakes. Food will come when your stomach is ready. Your mouth doesn't call the shots anymore. Remember not to drink when eating, always try to eat protein to help with the healing process of your muscles.Please know you will be able to eat more soon and if the discomfort keeps there please contact your surgeon to talk about your issues.
Good Luck and feel better. 

Dominican Republic Bariatric Surgeon
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Helpful Tips

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1. Avoid liquids while eating2. Chew very well3. No spicy food4. Don't eat after 7pm.5. Check calorie intake 6. To much protein intake helps build muscle and scale moves slower.7. All sport drinks can create a sense of burning due to the content of sodium 8. Walk about 30 to 40 min. to start activating the metabolism and help the weight loss process9. Also don't drink and eat at the same time

Jorge Maytorena, MD
Mexico General Surgeon
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