When do you stop losing weight after gastric sleeve?

I've been told that after 1 year you stop losing is this true?

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When do I stop losing weight after a sleeve gastric?

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Gastric sleeve surgery will make you lose weight fast. However, similar to any diet, you’ll hit a wall at some point. This means you’ll lose weight, and you’ll lose it fast, and then all of the sudden you’ll stop losing.

When the weight loss stops, often only 6 to 12 months after surgery.

Why does it happen?

Your body is constantly seeking something called Homeostasis, is a process that maintains the human body’s internal environment in response to changes in external conditions.

So when food decreases significantly, your body adjusts internally to create stability. So, to counteract the lack of food in your environment, the body slows down your nasal metabolism,  your metabolism slows down and you hit a wall. You haven’t changed your eating or exercise habits and you hit a wall before you reach your target weight.

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