Should I seek a revision rhinoplasty?

I recently had a rhinoplasty and my nose was curved in so far on both sides that the area between my eyes looks flat. What can I do to look normal again?

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Revision rhinoplasty at one year

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  Performing a revision rhinoplasty should be entertained at least one year after the initial procedure to allow full healing to take place. A full set of pictures, and an in-person examination are required due to the fact that revision rhinoplasty is one of the hardest operations to perform in the entire field of cosmetic surgery. A revision rhinoplasty is more difficult than a primary rhinoplasty usually takes longer to perform. For more information and many rhinoplasty  before-and-after results, please see the link and the video below

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Revision Rhinoplasty

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Without photos, it is difficult to judge.  I suggest you go back to your surgeon and ask his or her opinion.  If you feel uncomfortable with your surgeon's reaction, or if your surgeon does not have the experience to properly perform a secondary surgery (if needed), you can always have a consultation with a revision rhinoplasty specialist. 

Over resected, Saddle deformity

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From the limited description that you provide and the lack of photographs it is impossible to say what you need with any certainty, However it sounds like you may have had an over resection of the bony dorsum.  this will require an augmentation rhinoplasty to correct. Tissue needs to be added.  The material that you add can be autologous( from your body ) homologous (from a human cadaver) or alloplastic (synthetic) the most reliable source for augmentation is cartilage from your body.  It can be from the inside of the nose, the ear, or the rib.  The source will depend how much surgery was done on your septum with the first surgery. If the bulk of the septum was removed with the first surgery then you will need a rib graft. IF the septum was not disturbed with the first surgery then the septum may be adequate.

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