Pain after permanent crown, throbbing and sensitive. Any suggestions?

I had my permanent crown placed Saturday, since then cold and hot sensitive and throbbing. Its monday and now the teeth of my bottom jaw are hurting all 6 from the back. My crown was last back tooth on top. Evertime i eat or drink its seering pain and when i touch my teeth w my tongue on bottom row the pain builds and throbs

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Dental pain after a crown

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having pain after a crown for a week or so is common.  You want to mAke sure the crown is properly fitted and the bite is correct. If pain persists after about two weeks,  you will probably need a root canal.    Although people are concerned about root canal treatment, it has become an easy procedure when performed with an Endodontist.    Good luck hope you feel better soon

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Pain after permanent #crown #DrSoftTouch

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Hello there,
It's not uncommon to experience some sensitivity or discomfort after having your tooth prepped for a crown. I usually recommend allowing two weeks or so after crown placement for your tooth to heal. My advice for you would be to return to your dentist for an evaluation. A bite adjustment or root canal treatment may be necessary.Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.

Sarah Thompson, DMD
St. Louis, MO area (O'Fallon, IL)
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This is usually not a serious issue.

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If the pain is lingering for longer than 30 seconds to a minute, it is possible the nerve may have died and the tooth may need a root canal. If the pain subsides right after the hot or cold is removed from the tooth, then the nerve is probably fine.  Assuming no nerve damage, the issue is probably that the crown is too high and is banging the bottom teeth causing them to hurt.  Usually when dentists cement crowns they do their best to adjust the bite to make sure it is perfect.  Sometimes, even after adjustment, the crown may be hitting in a weird area that wasn't seen when checking the bite initially.  This can happen because you may be biting differently when you chew on food than you do when in the dental office.  Another possibility could be that a little bit of cement was left in the gum line.  This would cause the gums to get inflamed and push the tooth up a little bit causing your bite to hit harder and cause the pain you are feeling.  When your tooth gets traumatized, the nerve inside gets irritated and becomes hypersensitive.  If I were you I would go to your dentist and have him/her check the bite and any cement that may have been left.  Usually, if it is adjusted properly, the pain subsides within a few days.

Joseph Proscia, DDS
Bonita Springs Dentist

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Pain after crowns

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Dear awilkins3684:It is unfortunate that right after a new crown was delivered, you have pain.  However, this is not that uncommon.  It is undesirable, but sometimes it is unavoidable.Call your dentist right away an tell him of the situation.  You will probably need root canal treatment, following which the small opening in the crowns can be closed with some composite restoration, (small filling), or just have the crown redone.  The most important thing is to talk to your dentist on what is appropriate In your situation.Best of luck,

Some tooth nerves need treatment

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Sometimes the nerve needs removal after crown work.  This is called root canal therapy and is very successful.  Your dentist should be able to determine what is best.

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