I got a pyruvic acid peel about a week ago, immediately after the peel I started getting water boils all over face? (Photos)

Fast forward a week later boils went down, skin turned very dark and brown and then peeled but now I have huge craters, very rough and flaky skin, esthetician said I will continue to peel for another week, but I'm so worried this doesn't seem normal (crater, rough, and flaky skin) I am moisturizing heavily all day - I think this peel ruined my skin - will my skin heal and ever get back to normal? Please help

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Pyruvic Acid chemical peels

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When left on the skin to the point of blanching or frosting, pyruvic acid can cause immediate blistering as appears to have happened with you. These are still early days with regard to skin healing post-peel. A skin lightening regimen is generally helpful for persistent post-peel hyperpigmentation. Microneedling or a resurfacing laser may be useful for persistent textural changes. Proceed cautiously, and consult with an expert.

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