Has anyone with a arm lift had this problem? (photo)

I had arm lift 6 months ago and although Iove the way they look, I still have swelling. Its bad enough that when i bend my elbow you can see a crease In my upper arm. When my arms are to my side it (feels) like a fat roll is still there but i know it is the swelling. Can any of you doctors tell me if this is normal? I showed my PS and he says it just takes along time. Is there something else I need to do about this. 6 Months is along time to me. I will try to add a picture for you of each arm.

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Has anyone with a arm lift had this problem?

Thank you for the question and pictures. Your concerns are understandable. The “band” that you demonstrate is a result of the arm lifting procedure. Because of the skin removed during the procedure there is tension in the area of banding when your arm is flexed. At this point, I would not suggest surgical intervention; I would agree with your plastic surgeon that ongoing time and possibly massage of the relatively tight area may be helpful.

Best wishes.

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Has anyone with a arm lift had this problem?

There are some patients who have a natural cleavage plane at this point that is almost impossible to correct. If you did not have this prior to surgery, then I think the likelihood is that it can be improved. However, giving it more time is not unreasonable.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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Are you wearing a garment I have seen permanent creases from people wearing the garment for too long if this is the case stop wearing the garment and see what happnes.

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Has anyone with a arm lift had this problem?

The diagnosis is iatrogenic banding. In other words the incision in the mid area of the brachioplasty was done to tight thus on arm flexion a skin banding occurs. Options are either surgical z plast releases or nano fat grafting with riggotomies along the banding.

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Dear Mrs.Inpatient,
Yes, I have seen this before. It is not uncommon. Sometimes patients are born with this crease.  To correct this problem, the crease needs to be disrupted. To disrupt this arm crease, it needs to be aggressively liposuctioned.
I would wait at least another 2 months. If the crease is still there 8 months after surgery,  you will probably require a revision. The revision should include aggressive arm liposuction.   In the meantime, I would still suggest aggressive arm compression from your arm pit to your wrist. This arm compression garment should be worn at least 12 to 15 hours a day. Good luck.

J. Timothy Katzen, MD, FACS
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