Does my eyebrow drop after blepharoplasty?

Hello.I want to have second blepharoplasty.But does it cause to droopy eyebrows ? Thanks

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Droopy eyebrows after blepharoplasty

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If you have already had one blepharoplasty you will inevitably have less skin on your upper eyelids so any further skin excision can result in two potential problems, eyelids not closing and risk of severe dry eye and eye exposure, and eyebrows pulled down resulting in a very odd appearance. An oculoplastic surgeon can assess you and tell you what the risk is, checking the number of mm of eyelid skin remaining after your first blepharoplasty, checking the position of the skin crease, and the mobility of the eyebrows. There are minimum amounts of skin that have to be present for good eyelid closure and to keep an attractive small fold of skin on the upper eyelid which allows the eyebrows to remain in their normal position.

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Does your eyebrow drop after having upper blepharoplasty?

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Removing loose skin from the upper eyelid is a common part of upper blepharoplasty. In the absence of a photo or an assessment of your eyes this question is relatively difficult to answer as the answer is dependent on your individual eyes and position of your eyebrows.

For most people having upper blepharoplasty your eyebrows will remain in a similar position after eyelid surgery i.e. they don't droop. 

However for some patients with lower eyebrows or patients that naturally use their eyebrows to lift their loose upper eyelid skin, after blepharoplasty the eyebrows can drop by a small amount.

Careful evaluation of your eyelids before having upper blepharoplasty will enable your individual eyelid characteristics, symptoms and signs to be evaluated and the surgery planned specifically for your needs. It would be worthwhile to see a surgeon who specialises in blepharoplasty and is completing this surgery frequently to evaluate your eyes and specific needs. 


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Your eyebrows should not drop after blephroplasty if done properly.  You can also get more then one blephroplasty in your life time depending on how fast you develop the excess skin.  In choosing your plastic surgeon for the blephroplasty the best thing to do is view the before/after photos of the surgeon (make sure they show you three views from each patient - front, quarter turn and profile views) to make sure you like his/her work and make sure they show you a lot of before/after photos.  If you like the results then make a consultation appointment to see him/her.

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