I've started to see drooping lip corners for the past few years (3 yrs). Any suggestions? (photos)

I am 32 yrs old Asian, lean and regularly do work outs.Is this really a Sagging jowl or drooping lip corners condition? if yes, what would be the best option to fix this? I am dark skinned and do have the issue of forming keloids at the incisions of surgery. Will face massage work? Please suggest to get a firm lower face.(Photo attached)

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Drooping of the Lip

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I have many patients who are bothered by the corners of the mouth which are drooping down.  The best treatment is to inject into this area and "lift" the corners up with fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm.  You can also put a small amount of Botox into the DAO's in that area to improve the appearance.  Please consult an expert.  Best, Dr. Green

Drooping lip corners

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This area is commonly filler with a filler to give support and lift the corners of the mouth so you do not have a down turned smile. This are is called the oral commissure. This area is very commonly treated. 

Lee B. Daniel, MD
Eugene Plastic Surgeon

Facial Sculpting Using Fillers Like Voluma, Radiesse, Lyft, Juvederm and Sculptra and Fat

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Fillers and lasers can help improve drooping of the lips corners. Fillers like Radiesse, Voluma, Perlane work great for cheek volumization which helps improve nasolabial and marionette lines as well indirectly. Please see an expert dermatologist who treats a lot of younger patients. Best, Dr. Emer

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
4.8 out of 5 stars 207 reviews

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I've started to see drooping lip corners for the past few years (3 yrs). Any suggestions?

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Hi, I have performed many facial shaping procedures over the past 30 years using dermal fillers, facial implants (cheek,chin), liposuction and/or facelifts. From the limited view of the photos, your chin appears to be weak and this has created "pseudo jowl" formation from the lack of bony support. Based upon the keloid history, it seems reasonable to use a dermal filler to fill in the jowl area and augment the chin.Hope this helps.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
4.7 out of 5 stars 28 reviews

Dermal Fillers

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Hello,Your face can have a firmer appearance with the use of hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers which will fill out the corner portions of your lips, giving it a lifted appearance. This is a common complaint among women your age which can be improved with a quick procedure that can last for months. As far as massage..I am not sure if that would be effective in 'fixing' the sagging of the skin. I recommend booking an in-person consultation with a board certified facial cosmetic surgeon. When you are exploring the options of a facial surgical procedure, make sure that you also explore the right type of cosmetic surgeon to perform your plastic surgery. A facial plastic surgeon is a cosmetic doctor that is an expert strictly in the head and neck. 

Cory Torgerson, MD, PhD, FRCSC
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon
4.7 out of 5 stars 170 reviews

Facial Volume Loss

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Thank you for your question and for sharing your photograph.  Sorry that you are having some concerns about the lower third of your face and, in particular, the corners of your mouth.  Based on your photograph, you appear to have disproportionate areas of facial volume loss at the corners of your mouth, which could be nicely corrected with a dermal filler such as Juvederm.  Beautiful and natural results can be achieved.  Please be sure to see an expert injector for an in-person consultation to fully address your concerns and to discuss your goals and expectations in order to determine the best treatment plan.  Best wishes!


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Thank you for your pictures! You have slight volume loss along the corner of the lips.  This can easily be addressed with a hyaluronic acid based filler such as restylane silk, restylane or juvederm ultra.  Either one of these works great to give that area a soft, natural lift while keeping a natural feel within the tissue.  Best of luck!

Miguel Mascaro, MD
Delray Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 21 reviews

I've started to see drooping lip corners for the past few years (3 yrs). Any suggestions? (photos)

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Thank you for sharing your question and photograph.  I see your area of concern but do not think that this is a sagging jowl or drooping lip issue.  It appears that you have some sagging of your cheek taking place as well as a bit of volume loss from around the corners of your mouth.  I would recommend using one of the hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers, such as juvederm ultra plus, to augment your lip and consider a small amount of filler into your cheeks.  Hope this helps.  

Nelson Castillo, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 80 reviews

Treating droopy lip corners

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You do not appear to have jowls.  At most, you have very slight and volume loss just below the corners of your mouth.  The treatment for this would be a small amount of filler in those areas.  In your case, less is more and the benefit of doing it would be to help prevent progression in this area.

Lawrence Osman, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon

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