I had a lower facelift. It looks like the tragus is being pulled forward. Can this be repaired? (Photo)

My surgeon says this is a fine result. I think it the tagus is continuing to pull forward and looks strange. Also bottom of earlobe looks a little off. Can this be fixed and is it a difficult or easy procedure? I did not have any incisions in front of my ears as most lower facelifts have. He stated they were hidden. I wonder if this caused the pulling situation.

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Tragus after facelifting

Thanks for posting your concerns and photos.  The lighting in the picture and only one angle makes it hard to assess. Likely u have incisions in front of the ear. I don't think I would say there is obvious pulling of the tragus (cartilage in front of ear opening). The tragus may  be blunted or has lost some definition. There may be a little extra skin in front of the earlobe. That's what I may possible see here. You would want to wait close to 1 year after to do any surgical revision if necessary.  Overall this is satisfactory and may not warrant anything else but we want patients to be happy.  Please consult with a board certified plastic / facial plastic surgeon. 

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Tragus pulled forward after facelift?

Not everyone heals the same way with a facelift. The tragus can be polled slightly forward and still look totally normal as most people do not see this as abnormal. It depends how long it has been since your surgery whether anything would need to be done and how far forward and the tragus is. 

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Tragal appearance after facelift

From the limited photos,  and angle of the photos provided there is little difference between the two and it appears to be normal. It takes several months to be able to access the final outcome of your facelift.

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Scar thickening and scarring after a facelift.

Our office specializes in facelifts and facelift scar revision. It is possible to revise your scars and prevent any future tethering of your preauricular skin and tragus. 


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