If I already know my skin is too sensitive for lasers, peels, or retin-A is there anything that could ever improve my texture?

I over-exfoliate so much as a teen on top of having constant inflammation and acne that I did not treat properly. I now have scar-prone skin that looks dull and dehydrated no matter what I do. There is a ruddy texture around my jaw and very mild scarring everywhere. I'm really desperate for a solution but everyone recommends what I know for certain would only ruin my skin. I've tried Retinoids and it enlarged my pores and gave me severe redness for over a year. What else can I do? Accutane?

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Improving texture

There are numerous treatment modalities available for scarring, but it is dependent upon the specific type of scarring that you have. Acne scarring can be characterized as rolling, ice-pick, box-car, atrophic, or a combination of these types. A board-certified dermatologist should be able to differentiate between these types and make appropriate recommendations. Conservative treatments that may be more tolerable for sensitive skin include microneedling, laser genesis, clear + brilliant. Another thing to keep in mind is that not all topical prescription retinoids are created the same - some are more gentle than others and the key is to titrate accordingly. Lastly, while Accutane is drying and certainly without side effects, it is a wonderful medicine, but this will not help with scarring. It is used to treat active acne. Good luck!

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