Possible Allergies Disfigured Nose?

Over the past few years, my food allergies have caused my nose to swell. The swelling would subside, but my nose would become slightly larger as a result. After this happening about 6 times now, my nose no longer looks all that aesthetically appealing. Does this disqualify surgery? Cortisol shots??

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Disfigured nose due to food allergies

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Food allergies have never been scientifically proven to change the aesthetic nature of the nose. This is not a surgical issue and should be treated by an allergist. Cortisone shots will probably not help. Inhaled nasal allergies can cause breathing problems within your nose and are treated with cortisone nasal sprays.

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Allergies Changing Nasal Appearance

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I cannot imagine allergies causing permanent changes in nasal appearance. However, it sounds like these allergies are presently your biggest problem. See an allergist for evaluation and possible treatment.. Then have consultation wirh a rhinoplasy surgeon to consider cosmetic and fuctional  changes to your nose.  Make sure your surgeon evaluates your sinuses which are frequently compromised with allergic disorders.  

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Food Allergies do NOT change the shape of the nose.

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As a surgeon trained and boarded in both facial plastic surgery and ear, nose, and throat surgery, I can assure you that it's unlikely (probably impossible, even) for allergies...even severe, life-threatening allergic reactions...to irreversibly increase the size of the nose.

HOWEVER, there are related medical conditions that can indeed enlarge the nose. Nasal polyps, often aggravated by allergies, can enlarge to the point of distorting the nose. Such patients usually have severe sinusitis and severe nasal obstruction. Rhinophyma can also cause disfigurement of the nose, but most research does not support the idea that dietary factors cause it.

An otolaryngologist (ear, nose, and throat surgeon) might be able to give you a proper diagnosis first.

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Allergies disfigured nose

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Impossible to answer without photos. My guess is it is possible allergies can cause enlarging of the nose. As for treatment options see 3 boarded surgeons in your area.


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