Can I Damage my Nose 8 Years After Rhinoplasty if I Got the Inside of my Nostrils Waxed?

I got the inside of my nostrils waxed two days ago and the tip of my nose is a little numb now and swollen. It was a very painful experience and I will never do it again. I just want to know if my nose will change or if I permanently damaged my nose or the inside walls due to being tugged so har?

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Waxing Nasal Hair

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There is no added risk of injury secondary to waxing 8 years after rhinoplasty than there was before your surgery. However infection is possible after pulling hairs from the sensitive lining of your nose. See a nasal surgeon or ENT for examination and possible antibiotic treatment. 

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Can I damage my nose 8 years after rhinoplasty if I got the inside of my nostrils waxed?

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The result of a rhinoplasty should not be effected by a nasal hair treatment but there is always a risk of infection or burning the mucosa.


You should never pull nose hairs or have the inside of your nose waxed

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Pulling nasal hairs can cause an infection of the nasal hair follicles. You should never pull or wax nose hairs. If you have and get swollen, see a nose specialist for immediate treatment. Nasal infections can spread and cause more problems.

The best way to treat nose hairs is to get a power nasal hair clipper or use a rounded tip scissors. These will sharply cut hairs without consequences.

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